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September 2004 - editor.  Cool thai house prototype project.  Neat views around the project.  Picture of a tokay lizard and people flying parachute crafts.  Located near the Pattaya flying club.

The house is located in a nice quiet area about 4 kilometers from Sukhumvit road in South Pattaya.  There is quite a bit of building just down the road, for example at Paradise Villas.  The area this house is in is still undeveloped, sitting in a small Thai community.  I really like it because it is close to the city but feels like country life.

This is the land plot after some fill dirt has been brought in (to the left of the truck).  It is 84 square wah.  (01-Jan-04)

This is the view of palm trees out the right side window of the house.  (24-Jan-04)
From the entry road on the way into the house.  (08-Apr-04)
From the back of the house.  (13-May-04)
Another shot from the back of the house.
Can you see who is coming for dinner? (22-May-04)
Close up of the dinner guest.
5 houses are in the process of being built.  The 'cool thai house' is the last one on the left.
The house is situated very close to a flying club.  Most evenings hobbyists are out flying their engine powered parachute crafts.  (05-Jun-04)
Hobbyist flying close to rooftop level.  (19-Jun-04)
A uninvited guest comes for a visit.  This is a 'tocay' lizard of about 12 inches long.  They are harmless enough, but during breeding times they make a loud call that sounds like 'tocay' (and thus the name)!  (06-Jul-04)
A view of the area from the end of the road, with the cool thai house on the right.  (02-Sep-04)
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