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Feedback normally goes right on to the forum. You can access the CTH Building Forum by clicking the link. If you browse around you will see categories to post your building story, questions about building in Thailand, site feedback, etc. You really only need to use this form to communicate with Dozer and/or other CTH Moderators directly. If for some reason you can't get the feedback form to work correctly we provide our encrypted e-mail addresses below. Be sure the click on the '...' and a box should pop up that you fill in a code (to se you are a human and not a program) and once you do the e-mail address is revealed. If you want to email me only (Dozer) there may be a time delay in responding, but you can do so with the second e-mail address.

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Don't see e-mail address pop up? Please be sure to allow for pop ups from this site and click on the '...' as displayed in the e-mail addresses above.


You are here at the feedback form. As you have read the text to the left you realize that this form is only really necessary if you need to communicate directly with Dozer or CTH mods directly without posting on the forum. The forum is a great place for building stories, building questions, site feedback (etc.) because it involves the greatest number of members who are very familiar with building in Thailand and also contribute to this site on a regular basis.

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New Contact Page for the Site (Press here to send message).

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