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Pattaya, Thailand.  Information and articles on home building in Thailand.  Articles related to building and owning a house in Thailand.  Things to be aware of.  Home ownership issues.  Dishonest builders.  How to register property in your name.

Here is a series of articles written by the editor and others, which highlight various aspects related to home ownership in Thailand.  Articles which directly show various house components being constructed can be found on our info page.  Articles and feedback from readers will be included here.

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01-sep-04 Editor Intro blurb.  Yes, living in the LOS is great fun until you try to get something done!  Things can get quite frustrating here at times, but all in all it is a great place to build a home.


Digger Planning czar.  The attempt at planning goes like this.  To get an 'official' address and family book, which you will need to do everything from turning on the electricity to getting a phone, you must have a architect blueprint plan of the house draw.  However, just coincidentally the same government employee who must approve the plan also has a side line business of creating the plans.  And he generally finds plans done by other architects are not up to snuff!
15-Sep-04 Editor Engineer rip-off.  Sometimes the best laid of plans go wrong.  Although seldom do you get 'directly' ripped off, here is an example of one of those times.  Sometimes dealing with a person in business, with an office and taking a receipt for money prepaid for services is not enough.  Bottom line, prepay (deposit money) sparingly.
Corner cutters.  The concept is simple.  Anything to save a penny.  For example, using low grade PVC for the plumbing which will surely give out later.  Saves the builder a little bit but later will lead to costly repairs.  How to spot and avoid them.
10-Aug-04 Editor Corner cutter examples.  From ultra thin foundation posts, low grade cement, using coconut wood to support eves sheeting material, non grounded electrical, electrical with no conduit and many more.
20-Aug-04 Digger Ownership.  Can a foreigner own a house?  The simple answer is yes, but a foreigner cannot own land.  Quite a conundrum, so how to go about building that dream house in Thailand legally.
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