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CTH MaintenanceSome misc maintenance tasks performed on CTH over the years.
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Stainless Gate


Stainless is for the most part prohibitively expensive, but after having both a heavy metal (and ugly) gate vs Stainless I can say that it is a very nice extravagance. This project was done by bid with 4 bids received, all citing the grade of stainless used (eg. Grade Central or Thai Unicoil) for Gate + Entry. Bids ranged from 55k to 91k with surprisingly most around the 55k price with one outlier who kept talking about all his Farang customers. Went with the 55k bid as had worked with him on some other stuff before.

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Wall Crack


Since we were painting the kitchen we decided to take care of a wall crack that extended up about 1/2 of the wall. This was a surface crack (as opposed to settling and structural crack) and seemed to reappear if simply using wall putty.

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Well Maintenance


This problem occurred because the original well was improperly 'sealed with concrete' not allowing the rain run off to follow it natural course down a gutter. Hence forth there developed a large sink hole under the layer of sealing layer of concrete. The job was to break out the old concrete and re seal the well with proper gutters along the outside.

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Raise Perimeter Wall Front


When we decided to raise the front perimeter wall the question was how could we do it in such a way as to keep most of the existing structure. In the end it involved just cutting the decorative metal dividers and adding a beam along the top of the existing columns. Also the columns on either side of the entry/driveway were also raised using decorative bricks.

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Pump House Roof


This shows the removal of the Change Brand corrugated roofing sheets which were used as the roofing material for the pump/filtration center. The original sheeting was too large to accomodate the satellite dish and in any event we have become less enamored with this as a roofing material for a number of reasons (looks, durability etc).

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Raise Perimeter Wall Side


This was a small project to raise the wall on the side of the house. The labor to modify the wall was 500 per meter which is about right for this area. It is more difficult to modify an existing structure than to construct a new one, ergo if the job is done well the money is well spent. The trick of raising the wall is to tie into existing rebar in the current structure for strength. Also the columns must be pour 'around' the cinder blocks (done after the cinder blocks are laid in place) to prevent cracking/weakness at the junction.

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Some other misc. maintenance items worth note; the main items being maintenance work on the wood windows and doors, re installing the ceiling (which wasn't done properly the first time) and redoing electric face plates.

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A view of some of the animals that have been encountered during CTH construction and maintenance.

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Krisida Condo


The extent of this project in early 2006 was to take a darkly painted and tiled condo and loosen it up a bit. The carpet structures in the bedrooms were removed and replaced with synthetic wood flooring, the original textured paint was stripped to the walls and repainted with high quality semi gloss, and the original tiles were removed and replaced.

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Kiang Talay Condo


This condo was remodeled in just under 4 days prior to the beginning of the 'quiet period' where no remodeling is allowed for 3 months. The working hours in the condo during which any noise can be made are from 11 AM until 4 PM Monday through Friday. Almost everyday at about 3:50PM this crazy german guy (resident only) would come to the room demanding we stop right then and there as his watch said 4 PM. Yes, yes, the tiler is going to be finished in about 5 minutes.... no stop now..... (and some people claim all the crazies end up in Pattaya, I think this was just a coincidence!!) The main thing done in the condo was stripping out the old carpet and wall paper and completely retiling with heavy Granito tiles. The tiles are laid in 'dry pack' fashion with a layer of dry mix concrete put down, the tile set into position and then re picked up and adhesive slurry is applied and the tile is then laid back into its final place.

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View Talay 2 Condo


This project took about 3 weeks and involved stripping the current bathroom down to the bare concrete and totally re finishing it. The floor was flintkoted prior to any new tiles being laid. Wall tiles and floor tiles were laid. The sink was removed and and new undermount sink was installed under a granite counter. Electric control box was installed. The tub was removed and replaced with a custom shower enclosure. An area in the bathroom was plumbed for a washing machine.

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Last additions - Renovations and Maintenance
Condition Prior to Remodel ClipThis clip shows the condition of the condo prior to the remodel, especially the bathroom. dozerSep 28, 2011
After ClipThis clip shows the finished bathroom with new cabinet wood doors, sink, granite counter, above counter woodwork, tiles, shower enclosure and plumbing work for washer. dozerSep 28, 2011
WasherThe electrolux washing machine. Notice the bticino weather proof electric box and water valve.dozerSep 28, 2011
Christina Shower EnclosureThese are measured and cut to order but are not cheap. The stainless think panel glass would not work because a sliding door is needed to conserve space. dozerSep 28, 2011

Random files - Renovations and Maintenance
Walkthrough of Finished CondoA quick walk through of the completed condo. It was re-tiled and painted in just 4 days. dozer
Original Hard Wood DoorNatural wood stain is more applicable to teak doors or show doors that are of woods of the same general consistent coloration. I now like oil based paint for mixed hardwood such as this, looks nice and is a better protectant. dozer
Forming GutterThe gutter will run along the exterior of the wall. Here rebar is placed to form the gutter. dozer
Tile RemovalThe tile removal took longer than anticipated.dozer
Prepping to PrimerGetting the wall ready to primer. The upper trim is kept, caulking is being applied to the between the concrete ceiling and the trim. Wall paper is being scrapped off. dozer
Ugly Carpet in Guest BedroomThe original carpet in the guest bedroom which is being removed.dozer
Tool for Applying a FittingThis type of tool is needed to slightly enlarge the opening prior to attaching a compression fitting. dozer

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