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Original Hard Wood DoorNatural wood stain is more applicable to teak doors or show doors that are of woods of the same general consistent coloration. I now like oil based paint for mixed hardwood such as this, looks nice and is a better protectant. dozer
WindowsThe original wood windows didn't hold up too well. Was going to scrap them for aluminum when the wood guy said he could restore them no problem. dozer
Wood DoorsSeveral of the wood doors had swollen and needed to be shaved, some were re-hung and then a oil based paint (Glipton TOA) was used. Since they are not teak they look much better with a solid coat and it also help protects them. dozer
Finished SillShowing the finished painted sill. dozer
Window MaintenancePainting the sill. The windows were also re chalked, shaved, sanded and in general made like new. dozer
Ceiling ReplacementThe existing ceiling was removed and a new straight line established for the new ceiling. dozer
Ceiling LineThe red line shows the new straight line for the ceiling. dozer
Ceiling StructureNew ceiling structure put in place. The original ceiling was done wrong with wire supports as opposed to the aluminum strips and had other problems. dozer
Prefab OpeningThis is a prefabricated opening from Chang. Even through it is made of sheetrock it is more durable and holds up better than the home made variety. dozer
Installing DrywallThe drywall we used was the premium moisture resistant Chang brand. Here it is being screwed into the support structure. dozer
Ceiling Service EntryThe installer finishes around the service entry area. dozer
Garbage CollectionEven the really good workers will tend to just toss the garbage over the wall if you don't watch them. dozer
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