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Interesting Thai related websites - cool thai links!  Check them out.

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Real Estate information!
Baht & Sold: Thailand's Advertiser & Classifieds

Totally free on-line classified ads for anything.  This is Thailand's premier expat advertiser.  As far as real estate goes, there are many active listings to get you started.  Best part is you can contact the seller directly, no hassle. ++

realestate.co.th: Real Estate info for Thailand

On-line real estate listings by category.  There many listings in each category making this a handy resource for those looking to buy property, a condo or house.

Phuket Real Estate Investments Thailand

This is a real estate agent specializing in Phuket.  There is a searchable database with pictures and descriptions of the offered real estate; land, condos, villas, etc.

Phuket Property Sales Thailand

A real estate agent specializing in the Phuket area.  A searchable database of real estate offerings in Phuket.

Kensington:  Luxury Home Builder

A home builder specializing in the building of quality houses, luxury homes and exclusive developments.

Mr. Room Finder:  Interactive Apartment Finder

Find an apartment in Bangkok the easy interactive way!  Mr. Room Finder has an interactive database which makes it easy.  Key in your search selection and see the matching apartments......

Chiang Rai Lanna Realty

Chiang Rai area real estate.

Phuket: Exclusive Homes

Exclusive homes Phuket real estate directory including properties, land and houses for sale and rent.  Listings include agents, services and information on property ownership and legal matters.

Forbes Le Brock: Real Estate Sales Thailand

Specializes in Thailand real estate, a seller of houses, condominiums and land in Thailand.

House Plans

Free resource with many complete house plans you can download in DWG format.

Information resources:  search engines, portals, classifieds, news, forums and other tools to help you get up to speed quick!

Thaipro is a unique search engine that covers only English language websites about Thailand.

Pattaya People Weekly

Leading community newspaper in English with a Thai language section. The website has daily news and lots of general information about Pattaya.


The web's most comprehensive listing of English-language websites about Thailand.  Almost 3,000 sites have been reviewed and categorized.


A single place on the web where you can find everything in Thailand.  A well organized Thai only search engine.


Several forum and chat communities about many different aspects of life in Thailand.  Thai lifestyle, dating, dining -- it's all here.

Pattaya Lap HU Toplist

A selection of Thailand's top web resources.


Thailand's leading portal with articles, organized links and more.

Thai Info 2004

A comprehensive guide to Thailand.  A practical information resource for anyone planning on visiting or settling in Thailand.  Info includes Visa, travel, business ideas, and general travel tips.


Visit, Invest, Live, Work and Retire in Thailand.  This site features original articles on an array of different topics and interests, maps, things to do and see and Thailand advantages.


A non commercial web site which is a collection of information links of everything Thailand related.  It is done as a hobby by one who loves Thailand!

Regional Information resources:  information on a specific area!
Chiangmai Classifieds

All about Chiangmai, Thailand.

Hua Hin Today

enewspaper for Hua Hin. Resources by section, world news, business, dining out, directories, and of course current Hua Hin news.

My Pattaya

Articles and information about Pattaya, Thailand.  The travel guide is everything you need to know about Pattaya, including photos, classifieds, forum, nightlife, hotel bookings and a lot more!

Kanchanaburi Info.com

Information resource for Kanchanaburi.  Attractions, bus train info, maps, links, other information along with useful articles on the region.

The Songkhla Community Forums

A forum serving the Songkhla and Hatyai community.  For people who have real and up-to-date knowledge of the area.  rmation resource for Kanchanaburi.  If you need info on Songkhla/Hatyai, this is the place to go.

Expat Perspectives:  expat takes on life in the LOL.  Where to go, what to see and what it all means.

Mango Sauce: Crazy about Bangkok

What is Bangkok life really like?  Here's the place to find out.  A well laid out site which is hugely entertaining -- a lot of info and perspective on farang life in Thailand.


A world of information about Thailand.  Advice for anyone thinking about living and working in Thailand.  Information on all aspects of Thai life and there is an active forum also -- to answer your questions.

Bangkok Bob

Readers fed-up with guidebooks that describe only a sanitized Bangkok should consult Bangkok Bob.

Planet Bangkok

The straight dope on the LOS.  Various article on interesting topics, including news and insight into life in the LOS.

Bangkokmouth.com by Bangkok Phil

Bangkok Phil is a guy who knows a thing or two about Thailand.  A great site with easy to find and digest info on a myriad of subject.  Not the typical brief write ups but real depth and thought to the articles.  Entertaining at the same time.

Thailand Road

Interesting commentary on Thai life from various authors.  All original content.  Meet Trevor and Bangkok Joe.  Info on places to see and things to do around Thailand written by people who have been around Thailand a while!

Professional services: lawyers, detectives etc.
Thai Private Eye

Who to contact if you need a discrete and thorough investigation done in the LOL.  Services include background checks, records searches and surveillance of foreign visitors and local residents.  Established in 1995, the private eye's background is one of a deep and clear understanding of all things Thai.

Siam Foreign Consultants

Provides a friendly and efficient legal service at a reasonable cost.  Handles all legal categories with local and expat attorneys.  This site also has a lot of good articles on various legal aspects of Thai life, eg. land purchase, condo purchase, US Visa info, investigation and other categories!

Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School

This sites Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.

Merchandise: bookstores, grocers etc.
ChiangMai Craft

Thai handicraft shopping store, gifts and home decor from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

Hide A Bed Thailand

A handy idea for enlarging you living space by having a bed that you can put away when not needed.

Thai culture: sites dedicated to some aspect of Thai culture such asmusic, dancing and Thai history.
Monsoon Country:  Country music from Southeast Asia

An interesting looking site on country music from Southeast Asia.  This site presents samples of music from Southeast Asia which are delivered in low to medium bit-rate Windows Media format. 

Learn in Thailand: instruction and training courses.

All inclusive scuba diving internships in Thailand for the adventurous.


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long description --> coolthaihouse.com: Expat builders' guide.  A non-commercial guide for expats building or buying a house in Thailand. Tips, articles and pointers along with reader submissions and articles. A lot of information and examples of building a large quality house for under 1m bhat ($25k). How not to get burned by corner cutters when you buy or build. Know what to look for by seeing examples of other building projects. Legal and other aspects discussed. An informed buyer/builder is a good buyer/builder.

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