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The House - 1694 viewsThe house looking up from the river bankteevee
Floor Plan694 viewsMy starting floor plan to give to the architect2 commentsnickcar
pool691 views1 meter wide deck of cement with riverstone finish1 commentsthaimic
Wall 1689 viewsA perimeter wall might not just be for decoration.jazzman
3/5/2004 10:58687 viewsThe windows are the standard grade Thai wood windows. 4tcth
Bathroom wall tiles.682 viewsBeen trying for several days to get cheap tiles, but the prices seem to have gone up considerably since I built my house. I really wanted white, but I was not prepared to pay 160 baht / m2 or more for the cheapest plain white tiles I could find. I was able to negotiate 123 baht / m2 for 54 m2 of these very light green ones.
It is not necessary to render the walls first.
The roof goes on673 viewsThe roof goes on, consisting of (1) a galvanized tin layer and (2) a reflective aluminum layer and (3) the tiles1 commentsteevee
Br,fast.664 viewsAnd here Tintin is enjoying breakfast. (dry white bread with strawberry jam from the local 7/11 to calm an upsett stomach) tintin
wall 3664 viewsIf a perimeter wall is to be used for retaining fill dirt, it needs some careful consideration. This wall is (was) 100 x 20 for 1 metre of in-fill.
Think about the 20 cm thick, steel reinforced walls of your tiny 4 x 8 swimming pool...
Kitchen.655 viewsDining table and view into the kitchen. Ther is a sliding door in the opening now.tintin
wall 2652 viewsIt's not just for keeping thieves out, and your kids, rabbits, and dogs in either.jazzman
But three houses looked fine651 viewsWorking on the third house which was added at a late stage after the first two were upteevee
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