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Foundation of a column.2479 viewsThe hollow core is filled with concrete at the same time as the footings are filled ensuring a contiguous pour of the entire matrix of footings and their foundations. The floor of the hole was lined with PVC damp course and the walls of the hole will be lined too. Another solution to keep the damp out of the foundations is to paint the masonry with bitumen.
Einweihung2452 viewsThe house was blessed: everyone paraded round the house three times, holy water was splashed amply around then everyone into the house to deposit gifts on the bed in the master bedroom. Candles were lit and holy string tied round our wrists. More mumbo jumbo, and we moved in and spent our first night there.jazzman
Formwork for ground beams2169 viewsThe brickwork form for the beam gets a final height adjustment with a row of red bricks. This is much cheaper than using wooden formwork. It stays in place and adds enormous strength to the beams, and provides the 'plinth' that can be seen around the base of the house.
Nearly finished!2145 viewsWell, at least outside. Inside, all the floor tiles still need to be laid, the bathrooms installed and the electrics completed.jazzman
Back filling the floor spaces.2134 viewsThe floor spaces between the runs of ground beams were filled in using the leftover earth from the footings and some of the earth that came out of the hole for the swimming pool.jazzman
Bathroom plumbing.2122 views??n absolute minimum of plumbing goes under the floors. In the side-by-side bathrooms it was kept as close to the outside walls as possible. In the UK, plumbing like this is often on the outside wall - a headache for those cold British winters - where it can be recognised by its swathes of lagging - strips of sacking!
Prepared and installed correctly, PVC piping is perfectly adequate. A lot of it is used in Europe.
For hot water piping see http://www.siamgpi.com/solarpower/multipipe.html
Grease TRap2120 viewsThe grease trap is an essential part of a well designed waste water system. They cost nearly 3,000 baht to buy. Jazzman's cost less than 100 baht to build - another $100 saved!jazzman
septic tank2109 viewsTwo metres deep, 880 litres capacity - there are two of these: one for the black water and one for the grey water. The interior walls have been waterproofed with bitumen paint. Note that each toilet has it own separate entry. This avoids the need of breather pipes or vacuum release valves.
This is NOT a soak-away pit - the floor is 4" waterproof concrete. The black water is drained to the second identical septic tank before being evacuated to the leach field. The grey water first goes through a grease trap.
brick formwork for ground beams2096 viewsInstead of using expensive wooden shuttering, the formwork for the beams is built at ground level with the Thai 'cinder' blocks. These are extremely cheap, and they stay in place afterwards thus adding even more strength.
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Protecting the concrete.2029 viewsIn the tropics it is indispensable to prevent large pours of concrete from drying out before it cures. We covered the freshly poured ground beams with rice sacks which we drenched with water and kept damp for a week.
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Rolling out the damp course2011 viewsBeing a Brit, Jazzman knows all about damp courses! 100 baht per roll from the local village hardware store. 3 rolls to cover the floor. Jazzman laid 2 cm of sand over it to prevent it being damaged by the concrete. The strips were overlaped and stuck with wide tape to prevent capillary action. The deep foundations for the columns were also lined with PVC sheet. Click an thumbnail to see an enlargement then click the clapperboard to start a slide show.jazzman
Front view1983 viewsAll we need now is a nice garden around it and some sleek stainless steel railings round the patios. We're waiting for good weather to apply the cladding to the porch pillars. The House Registration Certificate was delivered by the Or Bor Dor on 2 June 2008 for 20 baht. At no time were we required to apply for planning or construction permissions, no blueprints were required, and no money ever changed hands.
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