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1 commentsrmambour99903/18/10 at 08:59pklongball: The floors and wood work look great
1 commentsrmambour99903/18/10 at 08:57pklongball: The kitchen looks nice but? The installers for the...
July 10Today we have a completed electrical panel. I am impressed with the finished look but more importantly all the circuits checked out Ok the first time they were heated up. No need to rewire anything. Sparky has completed the house portion of the job and will call PEA to come out and install the permanent meter. For now he moved the construction power/meter line over to the main house supply lines to give the house a temporary supply.2 commentspklongball10/11/09 at 12:02pklongball: We have had no more power anomilies in the 3 month...
June 15The post and rails are in place now for the spokes2 commentspklongball06/18/09 at 09:53pklongball: He gets it done and comes back for more tomorrow. ...
June 12Column rendering and the partial counter and cabinet built in the back. This cabinet will house the gas bottles, storage and a shoe rack2 commentspklongball06/18/09 at 09:51pklongball: I use the term shoes loosely. I have been wearing ...
June 12Today a threesome showed up to sand and apply a first coat of lacquer to the cabinet interiors. I don't have to comment about the great way this guy is standing on the ladder. I would bet any one of us that has ever used a step ladder has done something similar.2 commentspklongball06/18/09 at 09:48pklongball: Yeah the boss is pretty good at making sure they p...
June 15This shot is the master bath sit down bench we had built. Came out rather nice and will be a nice spot to enjoy some shower room fun2 commentspklongball06/16/09 at 17:33pklongball: Thanks for the comment. We think it was a nice fea...
27 MayView of the back corner now with a little color on the house.1 commentspklongball05/27/09 at 12:56pklongball: My oh my the place is really shaping up! Razz
More superb engineeriing.Click the image for a full screen view. A load-bearing concrete corner column. Notice how the whole weight of the corner of the roof rests on the too thin rebar of the columns that were made too short. The ring-beam is only a single c-section 4 x 4 steel girder; it should at least be a box section - better would bee two C-sections welded face-to-face. Viewed from the outside, the tiles lifting up a couple of milimetres at their bottom edges demonstrates that the roof is sagging already.3 commentsjazzman04/04/09 at 12:55pklongball: I see this all over and on every build I have watc...
13 Jan 2009This is an overview of the site when the steel rebar form building is taking place. A ton of steel is used in this process to make the steel cages to form the concrete beams that will make up the floor support beams.2 commentspklongball01/22/09 at 14:20pklongball: Laughing Laughing Hard at what?
13 Jan 2009Getting a little closer you can see the steel formations2 commentspklongball01/22/09 at 14:19pklongball: Laughing She is in the background and waring workmans...
15 Jan 2009A little closer look at how two pieces of steel are meshed to the cage and bent in a hook fashion. I guess this allows for better connection in the concrete.2 commentspklongball01/16/09 at 10:33pklongball: The steel is 16 mm and the spans are 4 meters ;-...
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