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99 viewsThis is the land plot after some fill dirt has been brought in (to the left of the truck). It is 84 square wah. (01-Jan-04) dozer
92 viewsThe vertical supporting rebar structure has be wired on. The height of the structure depends on the roof height of the house. For this house the posts are 3.5 meters tall (above ground) for an overall height of 4.5 meters.dozer
89 viewsThis shot is from the neighbor's development (since I missed the foundation column pour), but this gives you an idea of how the foundation columns are poured. Form wood is wedged in place over the square upright rebar frames and then the concrete is poured in. The foundation columns should have a width of about 20 centimeters square. (24-Apr-04)dozer
79 viewsThe size of the footing of the house depends on many factors. For this house 20 inches is used. (05-Mar-04)dozer
75 views5 people looking at 1 person working. dozer
71 viewsThe cement is poured to anchor the base in place. The depth of this pour is around 20 cm. After this there will be a pour up to ground level which is 60 centimeters wide. Form wood is used as support for this pour.dozer
71 viewsThe cross supports are held in place by wire strands. dozer
69 viewsThe base rebar (4 hun full) is placed on top of a gravel sub footing. The stick represents the middle of the foundation post which is to be poured. dozer
69 viewsThe foundation post holes are 1 meter square and 1 meter deep. For this house there are 15 foundation posts.dozer
68 viewsThe metal substructure which uses 4 hun full guage steel with 3 hun full cross supports. There is additionally another strand placed in the middle of the pour (4 hun full). dozer
66 viewsThis shows most of the foundation columns as well as the partially finished roof truss. (13-Mar-04)dozer
60 viewsThe wire being snipped in place. dozer
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