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Original Coolthaihouse BuildA pictorial view of the building of the 'cool thai house' prototype. Arranged in sections as follows, please click to see the details!

Note: If you are doing your own project and want information on building that applies to what you are doing, it has been compiled in the information section. The two sections are similar (information and cool shots), both drawing from this house being built, the difference is, the info section details options of building materials and the like, where this section is simply a history of the cool thai house being built!

(This is circa 2004 the original CTH)
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Original Coolthaihouse InfoA great place to build, but the more information one has, the better. This page has many articles and write-ups on various aspects of building a house in Pattaya, Thailand. Most of the information can be applied to other areas within Thailand as well. Most of the articles contain picture examples showing various stages of house construction. You are not going to be building the house yourself, but the more you know the smoother it will go. Hopefully these articles will help you visualize some aspect of your project ahead of time and provide information on various house building options.

The text is divided up into sections as follow. General: General information about building and some good ideas. Basics: basic materials, foundation columns, concrete pours, wall construction, tile laying, roofing, windows and doors. Details: ceiling construction, finishing the eves with grc sheeting, how to create a inexpensive but nice kitchen, bathroom options along with a construction example and electrical considerations. Other: perimeter wall types and example, water systems and options, gate and security metal installation, an example of building a planter box and rain gutter installation.
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Last additions - Original Coolthaihouse Section
This is the land plot after some fill dirt has been brought in (to the left of the truck). It is 84 square wah. (01-Jan-04) dozerSep 28, 2011
The front gutter system. (15-Aug-04)dozerSep 28, 2011
The rear gutter and down spout.(13-Aug-04)dozerSep 28, 2011
Added the final gutter on top of the patio. (23-Jun-04)dozerSep 28, 2011

Random files - Original Coolthaihouse Section
Front door of house framed. There is a cement base above the door frame. (22-Mar-04)dozer
Most workmen are very familiar with the blocks so the labor cost addition of using this technique would be minimal. Since the blocks are inexpensive the overall increase in the material budget will also be minimal. These shots show the double row around the window area.
Another shot showing the footing with the rebar supports at 2.5 meter intervals. dozer
Large bathroom bathtub and toilet.dozer
And reset again. Notice now how the tabs are on the left and right side.dozer
The roof tile is wired on to hold it in place. Notice the tile sits in place on the 1 * 1 metal cross beam. dozer
A conventional floater water valve. Using this type of valve (much like a toilet valve), the pump will open almost after each use. (19-Aug-04)dozer
Here is a shot in the tank after the problem was fixed. Notice how clear the water is now. (19-Aug-04) dozer

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