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Jazzman's green house


Stages of construction of Mr & Mrs Jazzman's house in Nong Bua Lamphu province on a $20,000 budget- no construction permission needed.

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Green House Motel


This album documents the build of our motel which is destined to create work for my wife & her family, and earn money for me to import tea, wine, and cheese.
It's a low-budget construction the way the Thais build their modern houses.

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Jazzman's electrical fittings


Just about EVERYTHING you need to electrify your house and not yourself. Quality fixtures & fittings.

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The Brickworks


Dropped a brick on your budget by going for Q-Con or Superblock? 99% of houses are built with these.

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Just a few of the things that will certainly go wrong if you don't watch your project like a hawk...

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Last additions - jazzman's Gallery
KItchen view 3jazzmanOct 28, 2010
Kitchen view 2The cooker hood was got cheap for 6,500 baht from Home Pro, Udon. Normal price was baht 13,000 but it was in a sale because it had been a demo on a display board in the shop. The two-ring glass cooker hob cost about 4,000 baht (if I remember rightly) from Global House, and the stainless steel double sink and drainer cost about 2,700 complete with tap (faucet), drains, and underneath plumbing pipes and U-bends.jazzmanOct 28, 2010
Kitchen view 1We keep adding bits to this kitchen and it's still not complete. A breakfast bar still has to be built from the left hand side near the fridge to halfway across the archway. And the fridge will be replaced with a side-by-side. Cost: there is about 65,000 baht's worth of KITZCHO® units. The solid granite counter tops cost about 18,000 baht including installation. jazzmanOct 28, 2010
wall 5Then it fell over. One night of rain was enough. This wall will be rebuilt using correct engineering and correct drainage. Another 40 trucks of dirt will be needed to top up the infill that was washed away. Probable total cost: around 250,000 baht.jazzmanJan 29, 2010

Random files - jazzman's Gallery
Garden?Americans say 'yard', we Poms say 'garden' - even if it looks like this.
I agree it's looking a bit of a mess at the moment, but when everything is finished I hope we'll have a beautiful garden like ThaiFly's.
formworkFormwork for the 18 colums. It had cost us roughly 1,000 baht in wood per column. But wood for a house like this would normally be about 30,000 baht, a major consideration in a low budget project. This picture resembles some kind of mediaeval battle engine.
Mini consumer unit.Used in the motel. See next pic for etails.jazzman
Day 2 MaterialsOrganising the materials, painting the steel with red oxide, straightening the rebar and digging the first couple of holes.
The sand cost 280 baht/cu, the gravel 380 baht/cu, and the TPI cement 95 baht per 50 kg bag. The smooth 9 mm rebar (RB9) cost 38 baht per 10 m length.
The pre cast reinforced columns 15 x 15cmx 2.50 m columns cost 275 baht each. They come with a cut-out on the top with a hole for bolting a steel or wooden ring-beam.
The first wallsWe thought they were going to tile the roof first. 8 ton of tiles had arrived the previous day according to the logistics, just to sit around for another 3 weeks while all the exterior and interior walls were raised.
Click thumbnail to see an enlargement then click the clapperboard to start a slide show.
Consumer Unit mediumConsumer Unit (pre equipped), steel box, for 4 circuits, eg; Lighting, wall sockets, water heater, air con.
Brand: Safe-T-Cut
Equipment: 2-pole 32A master, minature RCBO with variable senitivity, 2 16A MCBs, 2 10A MCBs
Price: about 1,800 baht
Timer module.An analog timer to fit on the rack inside the MCB housing. This one will carry 16A. An MCB (of the same or a lower amperage should be inserted in the circuit AFTER the clock the MCB will trip out before the overload wrecks the timer. Can be used for anything from perimiter lighting to pool filtration. Needs to be coupled to a relay if high amperage switching above 16A.jazzman
A small consumer unit with a timer 1This consumer unit was assembled by Jazzman for the swimming pool equipment. Plasctic housing. View with the cover removed. L to R: 2-pole master; 3, 16A MCBs, Timer (for the pumps).
When originally purchased (900 baht) it contained the 2-pole master and 4 of the MCBs.