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Original Coolthaihouse SectionThis is the original content of coolthaihouse that went live on the 20th of April, 2004. The site was created to show information on Dozer's building experiences of building and construction in Thailand. When the house was started there was little or no information on the web other than some foreigners wanting to 'help sort you out'.
House ConstructionSome of the house projects (excluding the original cool thai house) that we (MsDozer and Dozer) have done.
Renovations and MaintenanceFrom Condo renovations to home maintenance. Maintenance is the one thing that is a constant in building, whether it be a house or condo.
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Krisida Condo


The extent of this project in early 2006 was to take a darkly painted and tiled condo and loosen it up a bit. The carpet structures in the bedrooms were removed and replaced with synthetic wood flooring, the original textured paint was stripped to the walls and repainted with high quality semi gloss, and the original tiles were removed and replaced.

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Kiang Talay Condo


This condo was remodeled in just under 4 days prior to the beginning of the 'quiet period' where no remodeling is allowed for 3 months. The working hours in the condo during which any noise can be made are from 11 AM until 4 PM Monday through Friday. Almost everyday at about 3:50PM this crazy german guy (resident only) would come to the room demanding we stop right then and there as his watch said 4 PM. Yes, yes, the tiler is going to be finished in about 5 minutes.... no stop now..... (and some people claim all the crazies end up in Pattaya, I think this was just a coincidence!!) The main thing done in the condo was stripping out the old carpet and wall paper and completely retiling with heavy Granito tiles. The tiles are laid in 'dry pack' fashion with a layer of dry mix concrete put down, the tile set into position and then re picked up and adhesive slurry is applied and the tile is then laid back into its final place.

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View Talay 2 Condo


This project took about 3 weeks and involved stripping the current bathroom down to the bare concrete and totally re finishing it. The floor was flintkoted prior to any new tiles being laid. Wall tiles and floor tiles were laid. The sink was removed and and new undermount sink was installed under a granite counter. Electric control box was installed. The tub was removed and replaced with a custom shower enclosure. An area in the bathroom was plumbed for a washing machine.

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06 - Mushrooms on branch - very bad signSeeing this was really worrying me beforehand for the guys who would climb up in the tree.

Injured trees very often have mushrooms infections, but when it comes to the point where you can actually see the mushrooms, it means that the wood has been extensively damaged already, and that the branch/trunk may break if you climb on it.

Fortunately that tree wasn't too high !
In the BeginingThis is how the land looked when we bought it in January of 2011. It's a little over 200 square wa in a development of empty land plots near Safari World. It included this little one room house with a tiny bathroom, an address, electric and water already installed by the previous owner. Only one other plot was built on when we arrived, but it had been developed and quickly sold out a couple of years before.newhomepages
Here is the front bedroom partially tiled. dozer
View from the kitchen.Looking out to the front room and front door.somdet
Resized Kitchen WindowOnce we returned to the site, I noticed that they made the window rough openings lower than I had expected. No problem, except in the kitchen, where there would be a counter and sink under a window. In order to allow enough room for a backsplash over the counter, we decided to make this one window a little smaller by adding 3 rows of brick, and doing the rendering again.DrDave
Completed and tiled shower enclosure base. (20-Jun-04)dozer
Dec 10 2010 3Dec 10 2010 3fgrossiii
This is an example of a 75 liter wall mount water heater. There are many different sizes and brands of central water heaters, one like this costs about 10,000 Baht. However these haven't really caught on yet (the normal type used is the individual shower water heater) so you will need to hunt to find someone to install it and do the hot water plumbing correctly. Also, using a central hot water heater like this raises costs more than you would think, from copper pipe to hot/cold faucets, the cost really isn't in the unit itself but all of the associated plumbing. This is a good decision to make before you start building the house, ie. central hot water or individual hot water heaters? (21-Jun-04)dozer