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Site Maintenance

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Just had an issue with the quarterly backup processes that run automatically. The backup filled up the disc space. Once the disc space issue was resolved, the mysql database was rendered as 'corrupt'. I have not seen or encountered this error before, probably more typical of a large database.
phpBB techniques recommended did not fix the problem and upon further investigation was revealed to be a generic mysql database error. Normal mysql commands to rectify the problem errored out. The fix recommended was discovered in this obscure posting, ... isam-table . It is funny (in a non humorous way) how when you google to find a solution to a problem you never get back an empty result. Always hundreds of solutions to a problem, most of which don't apply.

I am just posting this as a journal of things I learn while maintaining the site. It is fairly low maintenance but the unique thing about the site is for the relatively low amount of traffic it has a large data footprint, over 30 gb of data. To give an idea, moving one backup file across the network to local storage takes 1 hour on a high speed data line.

The current hosting service seems to be working OK. Once the data footprint grows there may be a requirement to buy extra disc space which I already did before. Partitioning the added space so it is on one usable drive is not that intuitive, on the last round I hired a systems guy to do it for me as I didn't have time for the task.

I didn't really think it would be this expensive to maintain the site, but in addition to typical VPN charges, prices on everything are going up. Maybe I will put google ads back up or something along those lines.
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