Leasing Land and Work Permit.

Legal issues related to buying land, houses, condos in the LOS. Anything about contracts. Finance related, such as getting a mortgage, buying property from the bank, etc.

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Re: Leasing Land and Work Permit.

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singhma wrote: Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:53 am Hello to all.
I would like to know about leasing land In Thailand.
From what I gather its is ..you pay the full price for the land..then enter into a 30 year lease arrangement with the owner of the land.
Using a lawyer obviously to do this..any downfalls to this type of situation.Apart from actually owning it.
How secure is the lease agreement?.it has to be registered at land office if over 3 year lease.

Also as I want to work on land is there any way ..to do this,
Set up Company..not to buy land ..but just to work..build house etc.

Have never worried about it before , but to me its always seem like a big risk..some person, deciding at whim to dob in a falang.
Did ask a lawyer(thai) they said no as this is a protected occupation..farming , masonry work etc.

Any info greatly appreciated.

Thank you. :D
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