MDF availability

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MDF availability

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Hi All, Does anyone know of a supplier of coated MDF in Bangkok preferably with a cutting service as I am looking to make up modular kitchen units for my apartment and house in Cambodia and the ready made kitchen suppliers charge a fortune. Grateful for any advise.Cheers
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Re: MDF availability

Post by Tiredofbuilding »

MDF is available everywhere. You will want to coat it with termite pesticide as termites love it.

Built in furniture guys use framing wood for a kitchen set, not MDF. Costs are not cheap to build a formica kitchen with framing wood but it lasts a lot longer.

We sometimes build bar counters/ trade show displays in MDF wood with the owners understanding that they will be changing it out in a year because MDF does not last. For a condo kitchen we won't use MDF as it would be bad for us if your kitchen counters didn't last 2 years.
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