What size pool can I get?

Any thing to do with swimming pools, fish ponds, or other man made structures which hold water (but not wells for drinking water).

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What size pool can I get?

Postby wonder6281 » Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:53 pm

I am in the planning stages of putting in a concrete pool.

My main question is basically how big a pool can I get in my space .. See attached photos.

The distance between the fence and tiled patio is 4.5M and the length is approx 10M.

I don't need to go full length but I would like to get as much width as possible.

Any feedback is very welcome.

I also plan for the pumphouse to be in the corner on the other side of the carpark and its dimension is 1.5M from tile to fence.
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Re: What size pool can I get?

Postby Klondyke » Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:46 pm

It depends on what do you want the pool for? I have it for my daily excersize, i.e. swimming morning evening my daily km - better than torturing myself in a gym - then you better make the pool as long as it is possible. My previous pool was just 10 m and I had felt that it would need a bit more. Now I have 12 m and it is just OK. The width does not need to be more than 3m, you will appreciate it when making the brushing and sucking from the two long sides. And that you do not waste much water for a larger width, it is better to swim in the length than in the width :P .

If you do not anticipate a fancy pool but just an affordable one that will provide a service for you (not the other way round), you can get some ideas from my thread. And/or you can give me a call if in the North.
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Re: What size pool can I get?

Postby wonder6281 » Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:42 pm

Thanks for your reply. I am in Pattaya firstly and secondly I the length is more important. I think I can get 10m at a stretch and it is for exercise 1st and relaxing 2nd. I will be the main user until my son gets old enough to swim unaided. 4.5m width of land and going down to 3M I suppose gives me more options on the type of pool. I was interested in the pool wall thickness once completed which would give me an idea how much I had left. I'm not looking at anything fancy, just something that looks nice and is functional and says swim in me!

Again thanks for replying.

I will go again to your post and have a good read.
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Re: What size pool can I get?

Postby Bestlovesick » Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:07 pm

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Re: What size pool can I get?

Postby brianks » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:12 pm

Make the pool as long as you can as that will be important when you use it for exercise. I have had three pools now. 4 x 8m, 3.5 x 12m and now 4 x 14m. 3m width is plenty. Also consider the depth of the pool. On this my third pool I have the first 2m at 1m deep then sloping down to 1.5m half way and to the end. 1m debth does not inhibit swimming BUT the kids can have a place to play. So many pools are too deep and kids can only hang around the steps. Consider also the positioning of the steps. Mine are now up against the side of the pool so kids can play on them and they don't inhibit the swimming. I learned all these things from my other pools. Neighborhood kids play mostly in the shallow end but as they are growing up are migrating to the deeper parts of the pool. Regarding pool lights. Forget them as they cost and can be a pain (I know only too well as mine no longer work). Have put spot lights on fence and they are much better at illuminating the pool and surrounding area than lights in the pool ever were when they were working. Spot lights are not in picture as they were only put in recently
pool othr side 002.jpg

Have fun.
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Re: What size pool can I get?

Postby jazzman » Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:04 am

To allow for formwork , walls, and plumbing, the excavation for an in-ground concrete pool with skimmer system, generally needs to be about 50cm larger all round than the internal dimensions.
Also critical is access for a backhoe and a ready-mix concrete truck.
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