Cementing on top of coat of primer paint

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Cementing on top of coat of primer paint

Postby Silom » Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:52 am

We have recently finished the house rendering and are way behind schedule. In his infinite wisdom, my builder sent a painter who has painted the whole house with primer. Unfortunately we still had some extra concrete decorations to be added around the windows, and these have now been installed on top of the primer coat.
The concrete decorations are fairly large strips of pre-fab concrete about 2 inches square and have been installed all around every window. They have a cavity on one side where the worker pours liquid concrete after installing onto the wall by means of a couple of small steel pins.
Am I correct to assume the concrete will not stick properly to the wall through the primer?
Before they were installed I asked the builder specifically about this and he assured me they would scrape off the primer before installing the concrete..... but this hasn't been done!

Am I correct to assume that one day in the future when the small steel pins become loose or rust, the whole thing is at risk of falling off the wall?

Should I insist the job be done again or am I just making a big fuss?
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