hi all newby from uk

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hi all newby from uk

Postby nong sam » Tue May 02, 2017 12:08 am

Just to introduce myself I am nong sam, I am currently in the UK , my GF is building a new house in her village, just outside Sa Kaeo.
I am giving some help, with finances so it's a joint thing really, but have found it quite a learning curve with the strange building practices I am seeing.
and this site is just fantastic, what a mine of info, so apart from my introduction, a lot of praise to all you guys for the fantastic advice and interesting discussions,
on all things Housebuilding The Thai way. I shall no doubt be driving you all crazy with questions like ; Is there a reason why no water tanks are put in the roofspace? And is the lack of timber rafters just because of Termites?
I shall no doubt discover the answers soon with the forum and look forward to some interesting advice, thanks for allowing me in .
nong sam
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Re: hi all newby from uk

Postby Roger Ramjet » Tue May 02, 2017 9:05 am

nong sam wrote: Is there a reason why no water tanks are put in the roofspace? And is the lack of timber rafters just because of Termites?

Welcome to the forum and may all your problems be small ones.
There are a number of reasons why water tanks are not placed in the roof space. Wood beams are way too expensive to have in the ceiling and they would have to be saturated in chaindrite to keep the termites away. It would be a yearly job too.
Most rafters are made of steel beams and wouldn't support much more than the tiles placed on them (there are exceptions).
It is also far more economical to use Colorbond than tiles. Colorbond has a warranty period of 30 years and comes with insulation already applied if it comes from a dealer and you request it.
To have water tanks in the roof means you will need a pump to lift the water up to the tanks because Thailand water lacks the pressure to get there. And tank's fail and stop valves fail and so do most of the connectors and nothing is worse than having everything flooded in your kitchen or lounge or bedroom.
Not a good idea in Thailand. I've already had two failures because the Thais like to fiddle with the connectors, pull them apart, forget how to put them back together, take out washers, pull the connection a few times to make sure it works and destroy the plastic and seal.
I've already been through it with my house, but luckily my tanks are on the ground and I just turned off the booster pump, but still have a ruined ceiling and lights that died. Luckily only 200 litres from my hot water tank and pipes ended up in my kitchen. But replacing the connections was a major task because the plumber had no idea how the hot water pipe connected and worked.
Good luck.
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Re: hi all newby from uk

Postby Klondyke » Tue May 02, 2017 9:15 am

nong sam wrote: Is there a reason why no water tanks are put in the roofspace?

Even though the usual house in the country is built with quite strong beams (see my post about "sau-less" house viewtopic.php?f=48&p=73714#p73714) there is no strong structure under the roof for ceilings (to be strong enough for something a heavy). The light weight ceilings are hinged on the roof (steel) structure.

And is the lack of timber rafters just because of Termites?

Surely not. All the houses before the concrete age were all wood.
Nowadays, how many wood shops will you find in your area? And if one is found try to ask how much the roof construction would cost you. And they rarely will sell a teak. Most of the construction wood available in such rare wood shops is imported from Malaysia, Indonesia.

And there is always one very weighted reason for various questions: Because it is easier - (roof with steel profiles and welding). Easy Thai way...
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