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One year later?

Postby pklongball » Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:04 am

This posting has stretched out over a long time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now one year has elapsed and I am interested to see any follow-up photos of the pool and deck area after this time lapse,,,,,,,,,,,,

We always hear the great successes when the project is in progress or just completed but never hear much after the fact,,,,,,,,,

Is the pool company giving you the service you expected? I would imagine that if you had issues this would be one of the first places we'd know.

I have a couple of questions about the pool and filter?

Why did you not use the overflow system? It appears you have a skimmer? Can't see for sure.

Why the ozonator and not the salt water style clorination?

How is the sand filter working out?

Why the rock garden around the deck? No fear of kids playing with the rocks?

Is the pool company still in business?

Do you have a guess what that same pool would cost in 2008 baht?

Thanks for the new info when you post it

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Postby jazzman » Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:40 pm

Regular members of this board have noticed that many new members join with lots of enthusiasm, but their postings tail off. There could be any number of reasons for this, all which are probably legitimate.

It's something that happens on all web boards.
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Re: New Pool blow by blow

Postby jazzman » Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:22 pm

Just to recap for the purpose of updating,
thaimic wrote:I have a 4x8 m pool being built, 2/3 completed. I then started talking to Pool Construction companies. Prices were all over the scale, from B12k/sq meter to B40k/sq meter.

dozer wrote:I see the price of 600,000baht which works out to 18,750 per square meter for 4 * 8 pool, correct?

thaimic wrote: (They operate, as most pool companies do, on a 20% profit margin. So when you get really cheap bids, know that the discount probably comes out of the quality of the materials in your pool. If cheap and quick is the goal, get the lowest price. But if quality and a reliable service free pool is your goal, pay for the solid rebar, best grades of cement.) They were, coincidentally, at the lower end of the middle priced bids. The price was B600,000.

The pool looks very nice, and while I don't doubt the quality and professionalism of the builder, I doubt that the profit margin on 600,000 was only 20%.

An excellent, standard rectangular concrete pool with double reinforced 20 cm walls and floor, standard tiles, skimmer system and quality pump and filter and underwater lighting sells today, three years later at about 12,500 baht / m2, or 400,000. Cost of materials and equipment is about 235,000, labour 32,000 = 267,000,
Gr. Profit: 133,000, (50%) while many pool companies work on 100% which would be a bit closer to 600,000 baht.

Be interesting to see what the same company is quoting today.
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