New house supply, Bangkok

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New house supply, Bangkok

Postby ratsima » Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:32 am

The elctrician comes next week to finish the installation, part of which is connecting the house to the public supply. This is where I would really like some advice please. There are a number of options and i am caught between them. There are probably more options that I haven't even noticed! :)

Please have a look at the graphic.
Elect Supply options.png

Existing situation is as follows:
A-F Temporary cable slung from Main strret supply pole to temp 6m steel pole on the plot edge. From there the builder cables up as necessary.

The new indoor electrical distribution panel will be located at E, on the kitchen wall adjacent to the outside wall. The boundary wall runs only 50cm from the house wall on this side of the house (the other side has 70cm)

1 run supply cable as at present, A-F, then underground to E. Problems: underground channel would be circuitous as beneath the house is already concreted. Cabling would be inaccessible. House is raised above ground so it would be a very wet area probably.
2 erect new pole at D and sling supply cables from A-D. Problems: neighbour has trees on that side of the wall (B-C-D) and there would be maintenance work forever to keep the trees clear of the cables and potentially problematic as the neighbour owns the trees. Also, maybe 23m+ is too long for a single run of cable and another pole needed in the middle?
3 dig up the recently laid water pipe trench from A-WM. The street surface is already damaged by the installation of the water pipe. Install electrical piping beside the water pipe. From WM, cable can run along the inside of the wall B-C-D using steel conduit (square or pipe), then elevated to go across from D to E. Or, from WM, cable can go underground to E (no concrete yet at the sides of the house). Problems: lots of work, maybe not to code, cable inaccessible.

There are variations among these 3 main options. Option 2 seems to be the least-worst option but any advice would be gratefully received.

Whatever option is selected, is there anything I should be watching out for in terms of how the work should be done? For example, can I use a metal pole? If a metal pole is used, does that require special earthing? We have used the same electrician for many years but whereas he is understanding and quite modern thinking, his team can be lazy and prone to the worst short-cuts and shoddy work.

A general question, is there any piece of kit that could make the supply installation and the house installation be tested more easily? I have small hand held AVO type tools but maybe there is an electrician's level tool that can check and would be worth the expense of buying?

Thanks for any advice, it is much appreciated.
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Re: New house supply, Bangkok

Postby schuimpge » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:04 am

Hello Ratsima,

I'd go from A to the front of the house (somewhere near point C on your plan).
From there, go under the roof of your house and over the ceiling if that's possible.
Or run it along the wall, high up under the eaves.
Putting up poles next to your house with so little space will very likely not be approved by the Electricity Company.
There's a minimum required distance from the neighbour's land I think..
(I could be wrong, but I base that on a situation I had some years ago where we wanted to put a power-pole along the fence of my factory. This was refuted as it's not allowed by law. Minimum distance had to be 2 meters, so we had to abandon that and put a pole right in front of our Company Name and Logo...)

Also, up till your house, you'll need the more expensive cable for outside use.
After that, if under the roof, you can go with lower spec cable if you want.

Good luck with it.
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